Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Understanding How to Become A Minimalist

We all want to try to save money every day. Trying to save money while not knowing how to save will be long and stressful. I encourage all of the people who is looking at this blog to , try to fully understand where there financial s are at the moment, and if you need to cut back , do it properly. I will make the cutting back process as un stressful as possible, but one needs to remember that with any sacrifices there will be slight pain.

  I fully recommend you to read these following articles to fully understand how to save and where to do it. The articles below are in depth ideas how to save hundreds if not thousands of you family's hard earned money a year.
How to feed a Family of 4 on 50 dollars a week.

Each and every article has been written buy me. I have done hundreds of hours of research to ensure everyone will get quality research and information. I wish you all best of luck and will have a new topic as soon as possible.

Understanding What This Blog Will Bring.

Living on The Minimum is a blog that will help you to cut back on your daily needs to make sacrifices for the better good. Understanding how to pay less for food, utility's and ect, will help you save thousands of dollars a year. You will also help cut your carbon foot print too.

Living on The Minimum will discuss about how to budget better to help save for the future, how to recycle and reuse, and how to use green energy. I understand how hard it is to understand a lot about renewable energy, and how it works, but I will break it down by topics and subtopics to show you how much is expected to save.

I would first like to express my utmost thanks for you finding my blog. My ultimate goal is to find all the useful information and coral it into on blog . I will try to give you accurate information, and also make this experience the best on you have. Please message me if you find anything that is un true, products that are bad, or if you want to say Hello.

Some topics that will be discussed are the following,
  • How to pay less for food.
  • How to save money on clothes.
  • How to reuse and recycle for the better good, while saving money.
  • How to garden to make money and food.
  • renewable energy, Is it good for me?
  • How to save money for things you will need.
  • How to retire early due to saving and be Green friendly
  • How you can help others become Minimalist. 
Please comment if any of these topic strike you interest. We will be promoting useful items that when properly used can and will help save you money.Guest blog post are available for Bloggers who can write about saving money and family values. Please e-mail me at for more information.